Changing times

Between 2000 and 2002, following a small refurbishment Lido operated as a disco club featuring gigs and concerts as well. Though the disco era was not long-lived in the history of the café, the Lido was one of the sought – after nightclubs of its time, boasting sold-out parties and hosting legendary international bands like Alphaville, before closing its doors in 2002.

The next phase in the life of the café came in 2006 when it reopened as Lido Electronic Casino. Before the opening an extensive renovation took place, which started in 2005, involving professional restorers, under the supervision of the monument protection authorities. The final step of the renovation process was topping up the available services with a modern poker room including catering facilities as well.

The total makeover finished in 2007, making Lido a popular place for locals and visitors alike, looking for quality entertainment in the heart of the city.

2017 marked the start of the final and most comprehensive historical preservation and renovation process of Matild Palace. It took 5 years to completely restore the building to its rightful splendor so it can return in 2022 as undoubtedly one of the architectural gems of the Hungarian capital.