The evident autobiography of Hungarian life

The Memoirs of Budapest

Imagine yourself at a monumental coffee house where the locals got together with some of the greatest poets, storytellers, and philosophers over coffee.

A place where its windows witnessed the splendor of the Belle Epoque era as well as the fall of the old Elizabeth bridge, a world war, and revolution.

An environ where the famous Hungarian writer Gyula Krudy felt him inspired and wrote the fictional Sinbad stories and the famous British critic Egon Ronay mastered his culinary skills.

Matild Café is the evident autobiography of Hungarian living and the smell of more than a century old antiquity is set as the up-to-date place to have a good time with others.

A tribute to our storied past

The journey has started in the late 19th century where Princess Maria Klotild, the archduchess of Hungary, commissioned famous architects to build two mirroring palaces at the gateway of Elisabeth bridge, to form the quintessence of community living at the inner center of Budapest.

The two-story coffee house came into life by 1901 and immediately established itself as the most popular center of the vibrant social life of the Belle Epoque era, where prominent public figures, journalists, artists used to meet. The coffee house turned into a significant part of daily life and became a social epicenter, where following WWII opened as the first business in the city restoring life back. Originally named Belvarosi, today it is named Matild honoring the princess, the visionary behind the idea.

A new beginning

Matild Café honors its guests with its privileged culinary offering, which is conceptualized by the master chef Wolfgang Puck, who built a culinary empire that he has started with Spago in Beverly Hills 40 years ago. His vision of the kitchen where he mastered his culinary skills in Austria is now brought into life by Attila Fehér and his team at the Matild Café kitchen.

The avant-garde grand café menu caters European comfort food from late breakfast to late supper. A variety from breakfast, local patisserie, Hungarian soul food, Austrian café entrees is complemented by classics from a perfectly prepared coffee to a signature aperitif. The Chocolate Atelier offers the traditionally handcrafted gourmet beans, bonbons and pralines coming in different flavours, available for takeaway.

Late-night chic

Matild Cabaret is bringing back the late-night chic, inspired by the night shows that were performed at the historical hydraulic center stage of the café during the 1960s.

As the daytime is easy-going at the café, at night it transforms into a different face where the Hungarian and International cabaret shows, performed on the hydraulic elevated stage, turn Matild Café and Cabaret into a distinguished, glamorous, exciting and lively social hub of the city.

A new era starts

Matild Café and Cabaret, the iconic gem of Budapest which is under monumental protection, has finally been lovingly restored in 2022 after 5 years of restoration works and renamed to represent its truly majestic home, bringing the platform of art of socializing back to the town.