Gájer Bálint – A tribute to Frank Sinatra

Tribute to Frank Sinatra
Gájer Bálint, or as many know him ”The Prince of Swing” always amazes and makes his crowd dance with his unmatched style. Despite his young age, his experience on stage and talent are celebrated by not just his fans but the professionals as well. Bálint is the leading figure of the Hungarian Swing’n Pop music style.
His spectacular show will introduce you to the world of classical swing, latin beats and pop songs as well.

HUF 45,000 / 55,000 + 14% service charge per person

Premiering on 11, 19, 25 November, 9,17, 23, 29 December

Radics Gigi – The voice that you will remember

According to Quincy Jones, Radics Gigi is „one of the best 5 singers in the World!”, who is now showcasing her incredible talent on the stage of Matild Café & Cabaret. The young artist has conquered the world with her peerless voice. Despite her young age we could see her on the stage of the famous Jazz Festival of Montreux, at the Auditorium di Milano, the State Opera of Vienna and the Carnage Hall of New York. She was on the jury of the Hungarian X-Factor, won the most prestigious Hungarian awards, she sang at the opening ceremony of the FINA World Championship in 2017, sang the national anthem at the opening of the Formula 1 Hungarian race in 2019 in front of hundred thousands of people, and gave a concert with the celebrated superstar from Puerto Rico, Luis Fonsi in Budapest. The well-know singer is now taking over the famous hydraulic stage at the Matild Café & Cabaret and brings back the spirit of the legendary divas of the Lido.

HUF 50,000 + 14% service charge per person

Premiering on 18, 26 November, 1, 10, 22, 30 December

No Romance – Fall in love without romance

With a versatile repertoire to suit the evenings at Matild Cabaret, No Romance is sure to elevate the mood. A high-energy acoustic band bringing the perfect blend of contemporary and classic hits to the party. They performed at many festivals and countless events throughout Hungary.

HUF 39,000 + 14% service charge per person

Premiering on 3 November

Latte Maffiato – The world of jazz and funk

The band of professional musicians will enchant you with their magical performance filled with popular songs, French and Italian classics and cheerful funky beats. They are bringing true specialties to the stage of Matild Café & Cabaret with a little bit of spice, to amaze their audience with their unique style. Let them guide you in your journey to the different eras and styles of music.

HUF 39,000 + 14% service charge per person

Premiering on 10, 17 November

Group’n’Swing – Soulful melodies

Group’n’Swing is one of the most prominent Hungarian bands, since their formation 16 years ago. Their exceptional musical talent, cheerfulness and positive energy are the guarantee for an unforgettable night filled with laughter and dance. The Fonogram Hungarian musical award winner band brings an unadulterated revue show to the stage, which they mix with soul, twist, rockabilly and swing melodies. With more than 1000 concerts behind them, including their performance at the Dubai World Exhibition, they are preparing a special show with their most popular songs that will transport us to the immortal world of cabarets.

HUF 45,000 + 14% service charge per person

Premiering on 29 October, 12, 24 November, 3, 8 December